Kennebec Pass
       Kennebec Pass (Durango, Colorado)

Ride the last 22 miles of the Colorado Trail right into town.

This ride is truly epic. You will ride past a 100 foot waterfall and do some of the funnest descending in the Durango area. Start out by descending 5 miles through pine and aspen forests on some of the sweetest singletrack known to mankind. The descent includes some nice technical sections with some mellow rocks and small drops. There are a few creek crossings to be navigated as well.

After about 5 miles of descending you come to a bridge and the fun is temporarily suspended. Get ready for a 4 mile climb. The first mile is very tough with steep unrelenting sections that go on and on. After that it mellows out some and becomes more gradual. The good news is that after this climb you get another 11 miles of DH!

The last 11 miles of this trail is a riot. It's super fast with high speed corners and some sweet rocky sections. As you get closer into town you will go down some gnarly switchbacks with some optional drops. Watch for hikers from here to the TH.

This trail can be ridden on a 4 inch bike easily although it may be more comfortable on 5. Many riders climb to the 11 mile mark from Junction Creek TH and turn around and head back.That is a challenging climb.

You can either shuttle Kennebec road which is a long 4wd road or start at Champion Road. You get a little over 2 extra breathtaking miles(mostly downhill) by starting at the top of Kennebec.

Seasonal riding conditions:
The best time to ride is June-September. Other months may be possibilities depending on snowfall.

Directions From Durango:

To start at Champion: Off of Main st, turn west on 25th street. This will turn into junction creek road. Drop one car at the Junction creek Trailhead. Take the other care and go about 18 miles way up and turn left on 171n. This is right past the 18 mile marker sign.Take this about 1 mile to the TH on your left.

To Start at the top of Kennebec:
Take US 160 west out of town towards Mancos. Go 11 miles and then take a right on County Road 124 for 14 miles until you see the Colorado trail TH sign at the top. High clearance 4wd vehicles recommended.

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